February 29 stamps – unique collection by David Newell

February 25th, 2015

FindYourStampsValue.com got to know about interesting stamp collection that consists only of stamps from 29 of February. Collecting stamps since he was eight years old, David Newell, of Hobart, decided to turn it into a business.

As a collector, Mr. Newell has an impressive array of stamps and coins that would impress the most esteemed stamp aficionado.

To set his collection apart from everyone else, Mr. Newell focuses primarily on sourcing stamps from February 29.

"My collection is quite unique because all of the stamps are from February 29," he said.

"Being a leap year and only coming around once every four years, coming across stamps from that date is quite hard."
With Mr. Newell building his collection of February 29 stamps, he completes a lot of research on events throughout history based on the dates, allowing him to efficiently source stamps from that date.

"Through researching, I've found lots of interesting things about prominent people in Australia's history," he said.

"One of the quirkiest things I've found through my researching and collecting was the Tasmanian premier James Milne Wilson, who was born on February 29, 1812, and died on February 29, 1880," he said.
Mr. Newell also managed to find a postage stamp that was placed on a letter sent to Morocco, but was later returned to sender due to the February 29, 1960, earthquake in the country.

Throughout the years, Mr. Newell has created an impressive collection sourced from across the globe, but said his most impressive piece is from the first issues of stamps made in Tasmania, or Van Diemens Land as it was known when the stamp was printed.