FEMEN-inspired postage stamp issued in France

July 16th, 2013

The Ukrainian Inna Shevchenko, founder of the FEMEN movement, inspired the design of the new Marianne postage stamp in France.

She has just obtained political asylum in France, and here she is already depicted on Marianne stamps spread universally in the French Republic. We are talking about the Ukrainian Inna Shevchenko, founder of FEMEN, who inspired the creators of the new stamp, unveiled on Sunday by the President of France Francois Hollande. The feminist movement, which makes "(their) arms from (their) topless breast" has been immediately pleased to become an "official symbol of France." Inna Shevchenko left an elegant exclamation in this regard on Twitter: "FEMEN is on French stamp. Now all homophobes, extremists, fascists will have to lick my ass when they want to send a letter!"

David Kawena and Olivier Ciappa, stamp creators, had initially tried to draw "a mixture of traits of Christiane Taubira and Roselyne Bachelot," but it had not given much ... Thus, the duo has preferred to draw the blonde Inna, famous for having sawed a cross in her homeland. "Our Marianne carries a symbolic message of equality, parity and mixture which are, for us, the core values of today's France," they said. By the way, several French artists have designed different Mariannes for French stamps, but this is thought to be the first inspired in part by a woman who isn't French.

It was supposed to be a straightforward new postage stamp to mark Francois Hollande's presidency: a more youthful depiction of Marianne, the feminine symbol of the French Republic, reflecting the Socialist president's promise to help the younger generation.

Instead, the portrait has sparked a spat on the political right in the French society and worldwide.

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