Finland has celebrated its Independence Day. A special stamp released by Posti

December 6th, 2016

Independence Day is one of the largest holidays celebrated in Finland. The scale of the celebrations is comparable to that of Christmas or Easter.

It arrives every year on December 6. To celebrate this meaningful event Finnish Post has introduced into philatelic use a special stamp that is highly recommended to our readers by

Finland’s Independence Day on 6 December is all about commemorating those who lost theirs lives fighting for the country’s independence, both in WWI and WWII.

Friends and family get together for a dinner at home or in a restaurant. Watching the Presidential Independence Day reception live from TV and critically examining the guests’ clothes and demeanor is a much loved tradition these days. People also take part in a torch light procession or visit the soldier’s graves at the cemeteries. White-blue candles are placed on the window sills.