Floral stamps from Ukrainian Post

August 22nd, 2014

On the 15th August "Himnokalitsium anizitsii", "Opuntia mikrodazis", "Pilozotsereus Palmer", "Hraptopetalum belum" were introduced and are valid for payment of postal services in all post offices stamps depicting cacti and succulent plants from the collection of M. Grishko.

This flower collection is particularly valuable fund of tropical and subtropical plants that consists of 3094 samples. The pride of the collection is a sample of cacti and succulents. That is why the stamps are unique in their beauty and value of plants.

"Hraptopetalum belum" due to extremely decorative flower with star-shaped form are also known as "Mexican star".

"Opuntia mikrodazis" belongs to the family of Cactaceae (Cactus) and has many popular names: prickly pear "rabbit ears" prickly pear "angel wings" prickly pear "in the peas."

"Himnokalitsium anizitsii" has about 50 species (family Cactaceae - Cactus).This plant is named after the Hungarian pharmacist Da'niel Anisits.

"Pilozotsereus Palmer" (family Cactaceae - Cactus) is recognized by columnar stems to 5m in height, which are covered with dense silvery pubescence. The flowers bloom at night and opened only for one night, have an unpleasant odor.