Folk Architecture –Salajna stamp from Czech Republic

October 4th, 2013

Ceskaposta issued a stamp dedicated to the folk architecture of the village of Salajna, depicting a cottage of the village.

The village of Salajna is a part of the DolniZandov municipality in Cheb district. It is located about 3 km north-west of DolniZandov in Karlovy Vary region.

A designated Village Conservation Area, Salajna contains a number of preserved farmsteads with timbered upper floors. A detailed view had to be chosen to portray this phenomenon on the small area of the stamp. The image therefore shows the timbered gable of the shed with its counterpart, a similar gable of residential house No. 13; both gables boast slanted ornamental timbering and collar beams decorated with medallions with painted flowers. A shed supposedly dated 1805 stands in the courtyard.