July 14th, 2018

Four Dragon stamps introduced by USPS


USPS is going to release four colourful items in a pane of 16 stamps depicting dragons — fire-breathing mythological creatures that have roamed our imaginations for millennia. The sheet was specially prepared for the APS national summer convention and stamp show that will take place on Aug. 9-12 in Columbus, OH.

Dragons are well-known mythological creatures that are heroes of many tales told people throughout the globe. These world-famous creatures come in all different shapes, sizes, and dispositions. The stamps prepared by USPS feature four colourful digital illustrations created by artist Don Clark of Invisible Creature studio. These images are set against four unique backgrounds.

“We’re thrilled to have USPS unveil these great stamps with us in Columbus,” said Scott English, APS executive director. “There will be something for the whole family highlighting this cool theme. No experience necessary, so we hope you join us!”

The first stamp depicts a green fire-breathing dragon towering over a medieval-inspired castle; the second one features a purple dragon with orange wings and sharp black armor on its back snaking around a white castle; the third stamp shows a black dragon with green wings and green armor on its back swooping past a ship on the sea; and the fourth item contains the image of a wingless orange dragon weaving its way around a pagoda.


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