Fragile figurines of the child Jesus appeared on stamps. Malta Post issued four festive stamps to celebrate Christmas

November 26th, 2017 would like to let our readers know that Malta Post has introduced four great stamps that feature fragile figurines of the child Jesus found in churches around Malta and Gozo.

The photos that appeared on stamps were taken by Mark Micallef Perconte. We also invite you to appreciate the previous Malta Post’s stamp issue that depicts the scenes from the Nativity story.

There is one tradition in Malta: families exhibit figures of Jesus as a baby during the festive season. These figurines are displayed on windowsills or other prominent places around the house. This long-standing tradition, together with crib making, has been passed on from generation-to-generation.

The first stamp of the issue depicts the Jesus figurine of the Zabbar parish church - a sanctuary visited by a lot of Maltese and foreign pilgrims. The church is decorated with sculpture and paintings, and contains many beautiful figurines of baby Jesus.

The second stamp contains the image of the Jesus figurine of the Cospicua parish church. It was made in Lecce Italy. The figurine was donated to the church many years ago and today it captures the attention of pilgrims and other visitors.

The baby Jesus figurine of the Naxxar parish church that appeared on the third stamp was also made in Lecce from papier-mâché and was brought over to Malta in 1925.

And the fourth stamp illustrates a figurine of the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul. It was donated by Marija Portelli around 40 years ago.