Fraternities as important religious organizations. Three special stamps introduced by Liechtenstein Post

August 30th, 2016

Fraternities are religious organizations devoted to voluntary works of piety and charity. Such fraternities were also founded in Liechtenstein between the 16th and 18th centuries.

To commemorate three of these organizations Liechtenstein Post has introduced three special stamps that is glad to present to our readers’ attention.

The “Maria Hilf Fraternity” was founded in Balzers in 1736 (value CHF 1.00). The stamp dedicated to this fraternity depicts an altarpiece of the Maria Hilf Chapel with Mary and the Child Jesus.

The “St. Anne Fraternity” (value CHF 1.50) in Vaduz, which is still in existence, dates back to 1511. Devotion to St. Anne was characteristic of that era. The faithful sought her protection after years of calamities that brought sickness, severe weather and other hardships. The special stamp portrays the statue of St. Anne which is housed in the chapel of Vaduz Castle.

Also very much alive is the “St. Sebastian Fraternity” (value CHF 2.00) in Nendeln. Founded in 1695, it even received its own papal approval. The statutes of the fraternity have to this day remained unchanged. This association is represented in the third stamp, which shows a mural of St. Sebastian from the chapel of the same name.