“Freaks and Errors” – a great documentary film about Stamp Collectors. It can be made thanks to your contribution!

January 2nd, 2016

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to introduce to your attention a great project the aim of which is to make a  feature-length documentary about postage stamps, collectors and the life-long quest for the obscure.

For this purpose 83 backers pledged US$17,717 to help bring this project to life. So, it can be made thanks to your contribution!

When 83 backers started Freaks and Errors: A Rare Collection, they set out to make a film about a quirky, little known sub-culture. Armed with three main questions: one, do people still collect stamps? Two, why hasn't anyone ever made a documentary about this 170 year old past time? And three, why did someone just pay 10 million dollars for this?

They wanted to find out if contemporary shifts in work-life dynamics, family structure, digital media, and other factors threatened the relevance of this hobby, like it has so many others. Recent generations belong to fewer organizations that physically meet, barely know their neighbors, meet with friends less frequently, and even socialize with families less often. What does the future hold for stamp collectors, and does it matter to anyone except for them?

Collectors, accumulators, dealers, auctioneers and voyeurs all come together to make up a billion dollar world that most people don't know exists.

The group of enthusiasts began their search for passionate, lifelong collectors and started barraging them with questions. Why do they collect something that's really just a receipt for service? Is it an escape from the daily grind? Is it a way to connect with others? Is it a thirst for the purity of analog knowledge?

- We soon found out that it was a resounding yes to all of the above, and as we spent more time with our group, we realized that it went deeper than the obvious meditative and educational aspects and it all began with Irwin... – one of the enthusiasts admitted.
Irwin is just one amazing piece of the story the Penny Magenta, philately and this film. Everyone involved represents a different segment of the stamp collecting world and together, they are the "Quiet Excitement".

The backers started to see a clear pattern that all collectors seem to share—stamps were the main vessels for their social interactions, and social interactions didn't come easily for most. Collecting quenched a persistent need to categorize, organize and be able to control even a small part of their lives.

With the rapid decline of physical mail, as well as most major postal services, how many people still collect and for how much longer? We found out that millions do, but you wouldn't know it. Why? Because most are too embarrassed to admit it, just ask Maria Sharapova.

Star stamp collector Maria Sharapova leads new wave of stamp enthusiasts

This film uncovers the common traits that connect stamp collectors, and whether nurture, nature or both is the driving force that triggers the "collector's gene.” In addition, the group of enthusiasts unveils the global world of the philatelic business, including record-breaking auctions, famous collectors, mysteries and scandals.

Why Kickstarter and why are we asking for this amount?

The group of enthusiasts is about 75% done with the production of this film and, up until now, the film has been completely self-funded.

- We have shot for nearly 3 years and we’re so close to wrapping the production. The surprise sale of the Penny Magenta has added something wonderfully unexpected to our film, and we need to follow up on this historic philatelic moment with follow-up interviews, b-roll, and content to resolve the story. Where does it go?

The enthusiasts are experienced in commercial production has allowed them to create a fairly tight budget—every dollar goes towards the completion of filming. Their budget takes also into consideration what needs to be done before final sound design, composition and color correction.


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