March 3rd, 2015

Freddie Mercury – legendary singer and enthusiastic stamp collector would like to tell our readers about a legendary person that had a lot of hobbies one of which was stamp collecting. Freddie Mercury is the lead singer of Queen. One of the lesser known facts about Freddie Mercury is that he was a childhood stamp collector, and that his stamp album is part of our collection.

Long before he was singing in front of millions of screaming fans as the lead singer of one of the most famous British rock bands of all time, Mercury was just a kid collecting stamps. His interest in stamp collecting was ignited by his father, who collected British Commonwealth stamps, and he began taking philately seriously around the age of nine.

Freddie Mercury's collection includes stamps from a wide range of countries across the world. Many are from the British Empire and those of particular philatelic interest are from Zanzibar. The album also incorporates a wide selection of stamps from Eastern Europe.

One of the most interesting aspects of the collection is the manner in which the stamps are arranged. He chose each and every stamp in his collection based on design and color, and whether or not it was pleasant to the eyes. He would place them in symmetrical designs in his book and would often leave spaces blank or remove stamps to be replaced by new ones.

Bomi Bulsara, a father of the singer, eventually decided to auction his and Freddie Mercury's stamp collections and the BPMA, then the National Postal Museum, purchased the album on 17th December 1993. The amount of US$53,000 paid was donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, an AIDS charity set up in remember Freddie.

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