Frederiksborg Castle appeared on a new EUROPA 2017 stamp issue. Special miniature sheet released by Denmark Post

January 23rd, 2017 hurries to introduce to our readers’ attention the first stamp from Europa stamp series. The theme for this year, 2017 is “castles”. This issue has been prepared by Denmark Post.

These are two stamps that depict the most beautiful castles from the Øresund region. The minisheet with the two Danish stamps depicts Frederiksborg Castle, while Wanås Castle in Scania.

A unique destination

A visit to Frederiksborg Castle provides a clear sense of its former glory and splendour. In 1560, Frederik II acquired the manor Hillerødsholm, and renamed it Frederiksborg. His son Christian IV was born here, and during the early decades of the seventeenth century he allowed parts of the castle to be demolished, replacing it with the Renaissance castle we know today. Inside, visitors can admire the magnificent Great Hall with its exquisite tapestries and stately royal portraits, and the Castle Chapel, where the absolute monarchs were anointed, is also well worth a visit. With its fairy-tale location in the middle of the Castle Lake, Frederiksborg Castle is a unique destination for excursions, offering cultural experiences, tranquil garden walks and boat trips. North of the castle lies the Baroque garden with its beautiful  cascades flowing down the sloping terrain towards the lake. The symmetrical Baroque layout originally stems from the 1720s, but was reconstructed in the 1990s and is today one of northern Europe's finest Baroque gardens. From above, it is clear how the shrubs in the garden elegantly form four royal monograms.

Photographed by a drone

To obtain the best possible pictures for the minisheet, Denmark Post decided to use a drone to photograph Frederiksborg Castle from various angles.  “We wanted to create a meeting between past and present by letting a drone photograph the historic castle,” explains graphic designer Jakob Monefeldt. The result was two beautiful photographs, one of the Baroque gardens from above, and the other of the castle shot from the lake. After choosing and cropping the two best photos for the stamps, Bertil Skov Jørgensen carefully transformed them into drawings.

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