Fruit gardens as a typical element of Luxembourg’s cultural landscape

March 14th, 2015 got to know that Luxembourg Post has issued a special philately sheet dedicated to its fruit gardens. The leaflet consists of ten stamps that were released and put into circulation on the 3d of March.

"Bongerten" or fruit gardens are a typical element of our cultural landscape. There is hardly another habitat in which nature conservation and land use are so ideally combined. In addition to many species of animals and plants, they are also home to another cultural treasure: a myriad of different fruit varieties. According to estimates made by the "natur&ëmwelt" Foundation, Luxembourg's "Bongerten" contain around 600 regional fruit varieties.

The most common apples are, among others: The "Triumph", "Renette", "Jakob Lebel", "Porzenapfel", "Gestraifte Rambo". Regarding the pears, the most known sorts are: "Gute Graue", "Doppelte Philippsbirne", "Neue Poiteau" and "Saint Rémy".

The stones are a key defining characteristic for pomologists. Similar varieties can be differentiated using stones.