Gamla stan as an irresistible magnet of Stockholm. 5 stamps released by Swedish Post

May 16th, 2016

Gamla stan, with its historical ties and special atmosphere, is an irresistible magnet for visitors from near and far, a must for every Stockholm tourist. There is a long list of guides and tips that share the places and streets that everyone absolutely must visit.

To mark the historical importance of the Old Town Sweden Post has released five stamps that are recommended to our readers by

Greetings from Gamla stan

The Gamla stan stamp booklet also offers tourists a guide to some of the must-see areas on the island. And what is a better end to a walk among the streets and squares than to send a greeting from Gamla stan, franked with one of its own stamps.

The proofs for the stamps are photos by Jeppe Wikström, a well-known photographer. The first photo in the booklet is an aerial photo that captures the entire island.

"From the air it is very apparent why Gamla stan is located where it is located. A small island that is only five hundred meters wide; an island located precisely where the big lake meets the sea", he says.
Both small town and great power

The text for the Gamla stan collector's sheet is signed by Jeppe Wikström. Order the Collector's Sheet using the included order form and receive a copy of the text that he has written. Here is a sample:

"Gamla stan is exactly what its name says ‒ an old town. It is a jumble of buildings and narrow streets and exudes not only the feeling of a small town but also that of power. It was here that the streets ran with blood after the Stockholm Bloodbath, it was here that Gustav Vasa galloped astride his horse, If it were possible to hear the beats of history they would resound throughout its alleyways.

A living district

But instead what visitors hear is a completely different sound. Vehicular traffic is forbidden on almost all of Gamla stan, which means that it is possible to hear feet on the cobblestones, the bring of bike bells, conversations and, not infrequently, music from an open window".

The five beautiful and evocative photos, which is the basis for the stamps, have been reinterpreted artwork by Martin Mörck. With his vast experience of the stamp design, he has created dense and visually exciting images of Gamla stan.

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