Georg Büchner – 200th Birth Anniversary stamp from Germany

October 12th, 2013

German post issued a stamp to commemorate the 200th birth anniversary of Georg Büchner, a famous German dramatist and writer of poetry and prose.

Georg Büchner was born in 1813 in Hesse Darmstadt, in Goddelau. Despite his early death at the age of 23 years of typhus, Büchner remains one of the most important German language playwright and a pioneer of literary modernism in Germany. 2013 is marking the 200th birthday of this revolutionary and great writer.

Büchnerspent his childhood and youth in Darmstadt. In 1831 he went to study medicine in Strasbourg, in 1833 he moved to the University of Giessen. There he immediately experienced the harassment of the authorities and the violence in the state.

In the same year Büchner's first play, the drama"Danton's Death" was published. The piece describes the failure of the French Revolution and is one of the most talked-about dramas of world literature. In exile Büchner wrote the story "Lenz", which marked the beginning of modern prose. After completing his PhD in comparative anatomy in 1836, he was appointed as Lecturer at the University of Zurich. At the same timeBüchner also wrote the romantic comedy "Leonce and Lena".  His unfinished and most famous play "Woyzeck" was notable because its main characters were all from the working class. Published posthumously, it became the basis for many adaptations.Buchner himself did not live to see the success of his late works. Only 13 years after his death, his brother Ludwig Büchner published his "Posthumous Works".

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