Gorgeous flowers – Chinese motives on a new stamp issue by Jersey Post

August 30th, 2015

FindYourStampsValue.com hurries to inform that Jersey Post has designed and prepared for issuing a special set of stamps depicting beautiful garden flowers. The issue that consists of six items will be released and put into circulation in September.

In the world of so many diverse cultures, the vast country of China and the little island of Jersey couldn't be further apart. It is heart-warming to think that despite numerous differences, certain aspects of both nations' everyday lives are the same, including some of the flowers that are grown in Jersey.

Jersey soaks up more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in the British Isles and boasts a fantastic variety of beautiful flowers which adorn the streets, parks and gardens. For over 100 years, the Jersey Battle of Flowers has grown to become one of the largest floral carnivals in Europe and is a major highlight in the Island's summer calendar. In Chinese culture, flowers hold a privileged position and represent a language that conveys specific messages.

They can represent months, seasons, happiness and good luck as well as death and ghosts, and are infused into Chinese art and poetry. An important saying 'Hua Kai Fu Gui', means 'when flowers bloom, prosperity comes' and each flower carries its own particular symbolism.

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