Goriška Brda – European destination of excellence 2015. One new bright touristic stamp released by Slovenia Post

April 6th, 2016

With specific local culinary offer which is on integrated and sustainable way reviving the local environment and thereby increasing the number of visitors, this year applied 11 Slovenian tourist destinations. After carefully evaluation of each destination (Radol'ca, Kras, Dobrote Dolenjske and Bohinj), the commission was awarded to Goriška Brda.

To mark this event Slovenian Post has introduced to our attention a specially designed stamp that is highly recommended by FindYourStampsValue.com.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Goriška Brda? Undoubtedly it is the fine wines and delicious cherries that are the basis of the gastronomic identity of this part of Slovenia. This microregion also offers a wide range of other local specialities such as križnik bread, polenta (white, yellow and buckwheat), frtálje or cvrče (omelettes), dishes such as kúhnje, toči, fuje, krodegini, šankanele, markandele, hubánca, wljkáva and šfojáda, and the famous rebula (Ribolla) wine, whose "birthplace" is Plešivo.

The winning Slovene destination in the 2015 EDEN (European Destination of Excellence) competition, Goriška Brda is thus a tourist destination where the focus is almost exclusively on gastronomy. This is also the keynote of events (e.g. the Cherry Festival, the Ribolla Festival) dedicated to individual dishes, wine and fruit. The Brda Wine Road – the only true wine road in Slovenia – also reveals the region's close connection to wine culture and cuisine.

The inhabitants of this region have a close connection with the natural environment, which creates a wide range of remarkable, healthy flavours that form part of the international, Mediterranean diet that can be seen on a new Slovenian stamp. Special culinary and gastronomic programmes are available for tourists, since it is food and drink – as well as a very picturesque landscape – that continue to draw large numbers of individuals and groups to Goriška Brda.

Slovenia Post: Goriška Brda First Day Cover

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