Great and talented Illustrators honoured by Canada Post. Five bright and colourful stamps unveiled

April 2nd, 2018 hurries to let our readers know that Canada Post has designed five special stamps highlighting five talented Canadians whose work can be found on book covers, posters, magazines, newspapers and even postage stamps. These are some Canada’s most successful and prolific illustrators: Will Davies, Blair Drawson, Gérard DuBois, James Hill and Anita Kunz, O.C. This special bright issue was printed by Lowe-Martin using five-colour lithography and designed by Lara Minja.

“Next in the spotlight are a set of stamps honouring five of Canada’s most celebrated illustrators, many of whom have also created stamp images for Canada Post over their careers,” wrote Canada Post Director of Stamp Services Jim Phillips.

Will Davies was the premier Canadian illustrator of the Mad Men era. He's 91 years old now, not painting anymore, but he's still going strong, sharp as ever. He also illustrated more than 500 Harlequin book covers, including the one featured on the first stamp. The second item is devoted to Blair Drawson who is known as an illustrator of North America’s best-selling magazines. The stamp depicts Stage Fright that is one of the many magazine pieces produced by Blair Drawson.

The third stamp honors an award winning illustrator Gérard DuBois whose works can be found in many newspapers, books & magazines. Originally from France and living in Montréal, Canada, Gérard DuBois has illustrated for clients such as The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Microsoft & Nike. His stamp features It’s Not a Stream of Consciousness, a 2015 piece for The New York Times. 

James Hill was one of North America’s most sought-after illustrators between the 1950s and 1970s, producing art for countless books and magazines. The work on his stamp accompanied a 1966 Redbook feature. And the last stamp is devoted to Anita Kurz who is the iconic and internationally acclaimed illustrator widely known for her irreverent style. Her stamp, Best Friends, was inspired by personal concerns about humankind’s impact on the natural world.

 “The strength of the Canadian illustrators issue lies in the narrative quality of the imagery, the mastery of colour and composition, and the sense of imagination, humour, style and emotion,” said Minja.


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