Greenland Post wishes “Merry Christmas” to everyone. Two bright festive stamps released

November 7th, 2016

Christmas time is coming and everyone eagerly anticipates this festivity. In their turn stamp collectors are waiting for Christmas stamp issues that are prepared by Postal Services worldwide. is glad to introduce to your attention two festive stamps by Greenland Post that will definitely decorate your collection.  Here is the story behind the items told by the stamp designer.

“When designing my two Christmas stamps I decided that they must be able to stand together but also be able to function independently. Creating two stamp images was an opportunity to make two windows. With the first stamp you look outwards and feel the fresh Christmas morning in bright and light colours. On the other stamp, you look into a home and poinsettia is in focus, representing Christmas and cosy relationships in Greenland. For me, Christmas is also about enjoying the fresh cold weather as well as Christmas warmth with family and friends. It was certainly this that I wished to create in a simple way in my stamps.

As an artist I have worked with portraits- in particular, with large format abstract paintings. So, with this commission it was important for me as an artist to work with the non-figurative, not being result orientated and being more fluent in my work. The blue colour has been used throughout and here I almost unconsciously have been inspired by my home country, Greenland. It is a process as an artist and Greenlander, which has been extremely important to me in my future work. I also design with graphics and sculpture.

In my artistic field, I work best intuitively and am process-orientated – letting my pieces of art become alive with vivacity, movement and transparency”.