Greenlandic additional value stamp supporting a great cause. 1 stamp dedicated to Kofoed’s School released by Greenland Post

October 24th, 2017

Each year, POST Greenland issues a stamp with a surcharge, where all of the proceeds support a good cause. would like to let you know that this year, Kofoed’s School in Nuuk is the sole beneficiary of all the proceeds from the sale of the annual additional value stamp.

The stamp, which depicts the school, partially covered in snow, and with a heavily dressed person in front, was designed and illustrated by multi-artist Miki Jacobsen. He has designed stamps for POST Greenland since 1992, and his work is very popular.

The Kofoed’s School is a self-owning social organization, which aims to help unemployed and homeless adults. They have been doing this since 1928, when the first school was opened in Copenhagen. Ever since then, Kofoed’s School has been a place, where socially vulnerable people could find the support they needed. The work that the school does, focuses on the development of their pupils, and their opportunities to live a satisfactory life. They do this by teaching the pupils how they can help themselves, through education, training, and resocialization, among other things.

The school was opened by Hans Christian Kofoed and his wife Astrid, as a way to help the many young unemployed people of Copenhagen. From humble beginnings, it has grown and now has schools in several different countries, with the school in Nuuk being the latest branch.

Kofoed’s School is really a great opportunity for people, who have been or are still dealing with these kinds of problems, and as Gujo Thorsteinsson, the project leader for Nuuk Kofoed’s School, says “Kofoed’s School is not somewhere you end up. It is a place where you get started”.
Kofoed’s School does whatever they can to help people up, if they have fallen, and this is definitely a great cause to support, as everyone can hit a rough patch and be in need of help. You can support this great cause too - by purchasing this stamp. The entire surcharge goes to Kofoed’s School, and the great work they do.

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