Greenlandic Environment – a new series launched by Greenland Post. First two stamps released

November 7th, 2017 is excited to let our readers now that Greenland Post has launched a new series of stamps focusing on a very important aspect of life – the environment. The environment is important everywhere, but especially in Greenland, environmental changes will have significant effect on the lives of everyone.

The Post has already released two first stamps and we are glad to present these beautiful items to your attention.

Greenland is widely covered in ice, which is simply a fact of life for the Greenlandic people. However, with reports of possible temperate rises of 8 degrees Celsius before 2080, life could drastically change there.

The new series is also the first issue designed by artist Ivínguak’ Stork Høegh, and she makes quite an entrance with her first issue.

The first stamp depicts the Greenlandic landscape with the ice in the front, mountains in the background, and a clear blue sky above. This idyllic landscape is then depicted within the shape of a balloon, with people hanging on the the thread of the balloon. The simplicity and creativity of the stamp is quite impressive.

The second stamp depicts two traditional sights in Greenland – an iconic town with the easily recognizable houses, and a majestic ice wall with the icy sea in front. The two images are perfectly combined, with the buildings gradually fading out, as you move to the left on the stamp, and the nature taking over. In the front, a range of traditional Greenlandic clothing items are hung out to dry, showing off their magnificent colors.

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