Grote Markt in Antwerp – a great Belgium's attraction

October 23rd, 2014

According to info received by Belgium Post put into circulation a set of stamps depicting the beauty of Grote Markt in Antwerp. The issue consists of five stamps that were released on the 8th of September.

The Grote Markt ("Great Market Square") of Antwerp is situated in the heart of the old city quarter. At walking distance, the Scheldt river flows alongside the city. It is a town square with many guildhalls.

The Grote Markt is probably best known for the beautiful houses of the Guilds which align the square. Those buildings are relatively new. The original houses were destroyed in the fire of 1576. They were rebuilt in Flemish renaissance style, but were revamped again in the 19th century, resulting in the current lavishly decorated houses. Note the beautiful statues on top of the Guild buildings.

At the center of the square is a large Brabo fountain, built in 1887 by the architect Jef Lambaux. It depicts the protagonist of Antwerp's most famous legend: the mythical hero Brabo.

Around the market place, many restaurants and cafés are located. In winter time, it houses a Christmas market and an ice rink.

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