Gymnasium in Kruševac as a cradle of Serbian education. New stamp commemorates the 150th anniversary of its foundation

December 3rd, 2015

150 years ago, the residents of Kruševac and the surroundings managed to bring to life their vision of the opening of the first Gymnasium in this region. At that time, Serbia had just three secondary schools and one seminary. On 9 June 1865, the Kruševac Gymnasium has joined that constellation.

This educational establishment is more than important for the Serbian cultural and intellectual growth that is why Gymnasium appeared on a new commemorative issue that is gladly introduced by the team of Let's get acquainted with its history together!

In the beginning, it was a semi ‒ secondary school which got its third grade in 1873, and the fourth grade the following year. It worked as a lower Gymnasium until 1888, when it got its fifth grade, and every following year it got another grade. In 1891/92 school year it became a complete secondary school. An important day in the development of this school is the year 1898 when a government decree was passed in order to abolish its budget financing, but the residents of the city and the surroundings saved it from being closed, making it by their own financial means, a private Gymnasium up until 1902.

During its development process, the Gymnasium faced bigger or smaller temptations. The smaller ones could have been the then prejudices about the schooling of young girls, and those prejudices often influenced the making of decisions about the admission of girls into the Gymnasium. As schooling was only allowed in lower grades, a solution to this injustice was the opening of a private College for girls in 1905 which was necessarily affiliated to the Gymnasium. Unfortunately, real temptations to the survival of the Gymnasium were historical events.

During the Balcan War the School was turned into a hospital, while during the World War I it mainly did not work. During the World War II its main purpose was to serve as barracks, while the lessons were given occasionally and improvisationally. The Gymnasium partially changed its appearance in the period from 1977 to 1990 when it worked as an educational center "Bosa Cvetić". How much the residents of Kruševac were aware, from the very beginning, of the importance of this school for the development of their region, testifies their enterprising spirit in securing a proper building which was made with their own contributions in 1865.

For decades later, in 1908 it was expanded by building up two side wings to the existing object. When the schooling needs became more demanding, either due to the number of students, or the call of modern times, the residents of Kruševac, with the help of the competent ministry, succeeded in creating a new building and moving the school in it in 1938. All these years the Gymnasium knew how to repay the confidence provided, having a great influence with knowledge, spirit and vision on the progress of the Kruševac region.

Today it is a modern school, with four different courses and with over 1000 students, always ready for challenges in the fields of science, art and social engagement. In the constellation of similar schools once so small in Serbia, it glitters in the way that guarantees continuance.

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