Heartwarming Animal Issue Series No 1 from Japan

September 20th, 2013

This is the first issue of Heartwarming Animal Scene Series stamps by Japanese post. The stamps depict cute baby animals and their families.

These stamps are issued to commemorate the Be Kind to Animals Week (September 20-26). This is nationally recognized and many animal events held throughout the country. The major event organized by the Ministry of the Environment and major animal welfare charities is held in central Tokyo at the Ueno Park, famous for the Ueno Zoo, the oldest zoological garden in Japan dating back to the 19th century. The event consists of booths set up with various displays by different animal welfare groups, and private corporations. There are demonstrations such as obedience classes and hearing dog work held to educate the public. Some booths have a drop-in consultation corner where pet owners visiting the event may chat with an expert advisor about food, training and other daily issues.

The animals depicted on stamps are: first sheet - African bush elephant, Killer whale, Black-tailed Prairie Dog, Gentoo Penguin, Eastern grey kangaroo; second sheet - Siberian tiger, Timber wolf, Ring-tailed lemur, Polar bear, Scimitar oryx.

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