"Heartwarming" – special stamp issue by Hongkong Post

January 23rd, 2014

A set of special stamps on the "Heartwarming" theme was released by Hongkong Post.

Building on the great success of previous issues on the themes of "Love and Care" and "Celebrations" in 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2009, Hongkong Post releases the fifth issue of the Heartwarming series to address the changing needs of customers. The new issue maintains the concept of the previous ones and customers may choose to celebrate special moments and convey their thoughts with these distinctive stamps.

In contrast to the brightly-coloured designs of past issues, this new issue of Heartwarming stamps is presented in soft pastels suggesting a feeling of warmth and tenderness. Providing new choices for customers, these stamps are suitable for a variety of festivities and commemorations. In addition to the newly designed stamps on the two existing themes of "Love and Care" and "Celebrations", a new "Birthday/Newborn" theme is incorporated. This issue consists of six specially designed stamps ideal for celebrating anniversaries, festive occasions, achievements, birthdays or the arrival of newborns. Printed with a hot foil stamping effect, these stamps present a glittering display that adds a note of festivity.

The "Love and Care" stamps depict a family of three with heart-shaped balloons and a flower. Hand in hand, they are happy together. Against the background of a magnificent fireworks display, the "Celebrations" stamps portray people drinking a toast on a joyous occasion. The "Birthday/Newborn" stamps feature colourful pennants, myriad gifts and exquisite cakes for celebrating birthdays or the arrival of newborns.

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