Historic Streets as the Heritage of Gibraltar. Eight original stamps released by Gibraltar Post

October 18th, 2016

Street names in Gibraltar became official in the 1870s, when street signs (in English) were first erected by the police. Up until then, streets had no official name and were therefore referred to either by their function or relevance, after some landmark or building on the street, or after an important property owner in the street.

To mark its historic stamps Gibraltar Post has released eight special stamps that are highly recommended by FindYourStampsValue.comto our readers.

Even after the streets were officially named, their traditional Spanish names continued being used by locals. People arriving in Gibraltar were finding this confusing, so in 1890, Rodolfo Bandury, the Deputy Librarian at the Garrison Library, compiled a list of the official English street names alongside their more common Spanish equivalent.

This list is a valuable resource in recovering old place names, however, the process of street naming is in many ways an intangible part of heritage and evolves as community life progresses, places often having multiple names.

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