Historical airplanes will appear at the “Sberatel/Collector” Fair

January 28th, 2015

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to share interesting info with our readers. Prompted by the last year's smashing success of the motorcycle post courier, "Sberatel/Collector" Fair invite all collectors and aviation fans to attend the fair on September 5, the day of arrival of the "air post".

The aircraft will land on the Letňany Airfield, next to the exhibition grounds. It will be a rare old-timer, Praga E114 Baby, the renovation of which will be completed this year and which will make its first post-renovation appearance in Letňany.

The "Sberatel/Collector" fair will have prepared a special postcard and a special stamp for the occasion. However, there will be much more to see at the Letňany Airfield on that day. Just like every year, the airfield will host an air show, so there will be actually dozens of historical airplanes in actions.