January 15th, 2015

Hong Kong Post welcomes New Year with a bright stamp issue

According to info received by FindYourStampsValue.com Hongkong Post announced that a set of special stamps entitled "Year of the Ram" will be released for sale with associated philatelic products on January 24. The issue consists of four stamps and a special stamp sheetlet.

The Chinese zodiac, represented by 12 animals, is an integral part of Chinese traditional culture. Its profound significance to Chinese folk arts and crafts can be illustrated by the wide adoption of zodiac signs in a large number of artworks since ancient times.

"Year of the Ram" is the fourth Lunar New Year special stamp issue of the fourth series by Hongkong Post.

This set presents a Ram zodiac motif with four traditional handicraft items: a pastel celadon ware, glazed ceramic ware, a multi-coloured clay sculpture and a jade carving.

The stamp sheetlet and the silk stamp sheetlet add to the festivity of the Chinese New Year.

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