Honoring Helen Suzman with a special stamp. A special item introduced by South African Post

December 5th, 2017

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to inform our readers that South African Post has released a special commemorative stamp in honor of a great, brave and pioneering woman Helen Suzman. With this stamp release the Post Office underlines her importance to the country and to the liberation of African women.

The bright item was designed by Rachel-Mari Ackermann and it depicts a lovely portrait of Helen Suzman.

Helen Suzman accomplished much in her life, especially in political field. Although she was a perfect daughter, mother, wife, she is widely known as an active member of an African community. As a Member of Parliament, she was able to say: “I stand for simple justice, equal opportunity and human rights. The indispensable elements in a democratic society - and well worth fighting for”.

Her courage, dedication and great ability in the parliamentary opposition to apartheid won her worldwide recognition. Helen Suzman became a powerful symbol of liberal opposition to apartheid within South Africa and abroad. However some of her actions during the years of struggle have come under criticism from the liberation movements.

Helen Sazman was an honorary doctor of 27 universities in different parts of the world. She was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1989 the Queen Elizabeth II awarded her with the Order of the British Empire, but Sazman did not receive the noble title, since South Africa was not a member of the Commonwealth at the time.

Helen Suzman will forever be the embodiment of a person in the minority who used her privilege to fight fearlessly, ferociously and fervently for the freedom of the oppressed and as a staunch supporter for fairness. She truly lived her long life of 91 years very actively and purposefully.