Hummingbird featured on new United States' stamp

February 9th, 2014

A new postcard stamp by the USPS celebrates the beauty and grace of the hummingbird.

The stamp art is a tinted, highly stylized, digital depiction of a hummingbird hovering near a plant.

Hummingbirds, known for their agility, brilliant colors, and long bills, are among the smallest birds in the world, ranging in size from about two to eight inches long. Some weigh less than a penny. Special wing anatomy enables hummingbirds to fly forward, backward, and upside down, as well as to hover in one spot. The "humming" sound they produce is made by their rapid wing movements - the wings of some species beat up to 80 times per second!

The Hummingbird stamp features the art of illustrator Nancy Stahl. Carl T. Herrman was the art director.