Indiana’s statehood turns 200th old! One long-awaited stamp introduced by USPS

May 24th, 2016

As the 200th anniversary of Indiana's Statehood approaches in 2016, the collectors from around the world the releasing of special commemorating stamp celebrating this event. Now this item is available for pre-order and will be issued during a June 7 ceremony at the Statehouse in Indianapolis. invites our readers to get acquainted with the original design of this philatelic item.

This stamp celebrates the 200th anniversary of Indiana's statehood. Known as the Hoosier State, Indiana became the nineteenth state of the Union on December 11, 1816. The image on the stamp showing a sunset over a northern Indiana cornfield comes from a photograph by Milford native Michael Matti. He took the picture on a dirt road just off Indiana 15 in Kosciusko County.

The state's fertile soil has long made it ideal for crops like corn, which remains a staple of Indiana's agricultural economy. It is therefore fitting that the Indiana Statehood stamp features a contemplative photograph of the expansive cornfields near Milford, Indiana. The photographer, Michael Matti, grew up in Milford and had driven past that view hundreds of times until one day he decided to pull over, stand on top of his car, and take in the beautiful sunset.

Indiana has often been considered the heartland of America. Striving to find a middle way has been part of its heritage since frontier times, when it attracted settlers from both north and south. This influx created a distinctive culture that was more western than northern or southern.

Today, Indiana is well known for hosting the Indianapolis 500 race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the world's largest spectator sporting facility, with a seating capacity of 250,000. Indiana is also known for its devotion to the game of basketball. Legendary players such as Oscar Robertson and Larry Bird have been among the finest products of Indiana's basketball culture.