International Centennial Celebration of Lions Clubs. Two stamps on the theme “We Serve” introduced by Chunghwa Post

December 9th, 2016

The Lions Clubs International was founded in 1917 in the US state of Illinois by Melvin Jones. A preeminent international service organization, it has clubs in over 200 nations and regions. In celebration of the centennial of its founding, Chunghwa Post is specially releasing a set of two stamps on the theme: “We Serve.” encourages our readers to appreciate these two bright philatelic items!

This se-tenant issue features the number “100” along with the Lions Clubs logo to convey the idea of the centennial. Meanwhile, a white dove symbolizes peace and flying ribbons suggest celebration. The entire composition is illustrated in a fresh, natural manner so as to convey the spirit of service. The designs follow:

1. NT$5 stamp: It contains images that express the clubs’ care for those who are old and weak, concern for those who are struggling, and support for youth.

2. NT$15 stamp: On the other hand, it features an image of club members encircling the earth, thus expressing how the organization works to focus international efforts and to promote environmental consciousness.