International day of the mother tongue – Jagoda Truhelka, Antun Gustav Matoš and friar Lucijan Kordić

February 14th, 2014

With the issue "International day of the mother tongue – Jagoda Truhelka, Antun Gustav Matoš, friar Lucijan Kordić", the Croatian Post Mostar reminds us of the significant Croatian literarily names and marks the day on which the UN General Assembly in 1999 established a day for preserving the mother tongue.

Jagoda Truhelka (Osijek, 5. 2. 1864 - Zagreb, 17. 12. 1957) is known for her novels and stories in which she describes the life of a woman from the old part of Sarajevo and Zagreb. Her prose is colored with impressionistic details of naturalism. However, the most significant part of her literal work is books dedicated to children.

Antun Gustav Matoš (Tovarnik, 13. 6. 1873 - Zagreb, 17. 3. 1914), is a poet, novelist, feuilletonist, essayist, and travel writer that left a deep mark in Croatian literature. A critic without compromise is the central persona of Croatian modern. In reviews, essays, and feuilletons with an impressionistic approach, through his work, often carries out his artistic postulates. As a poet, becomes known later on, by writing about 80 poems all together.

Friar Lucijan (Ante) Kordić (Grljevići, 9. 6. 1914 - Široki Brijeg, 16. 6. 1993), is a historian, scientist, and poet in whose poems are intertwined the destiny of his homeland and banishment. He adapted the Franciscan sensibility and simplicity to the modern poetry spirit, while his spiritual being is fulfilled with religious devotion towards God. His literary work is deeply embroidered with the experience of the Way of the Cross from which he saved himself by escaping into the cold Sava River.

Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar has issued 3 commemorative postage stamps in a sheet of 15 marks + 5 vignettes, a postmark and First day cover (FDC).

Date of issue: 21.02. 2014