Island of Culture 2014 stamps from the Isle of Man

January 8th, 2014

As the diverse and exceptional cultural life of the Isle of Man is recognized by the 2014 Island of Culture 2014 festivities, Isle of Man Post Office joins the celebration of the arts with an issue featuring the work of Manx artist Juan Moore.

Island of Culture 2014 is a year of special events showcasing the incredibly rich cultural scene in the Isle of Man, from painting and poetry to music and theatre.

For collectors, fans of the arts or anybody involved in the Island of Culture, this issue is a wonderful souvenir as well as a highly collectable demonstration of the artistic talent the Island is so rich in.

The issue - which has been supported by Island of Culture patrons Mark Kermode, the respected film critic, and Clare Christian, President of Tynwald - is available in sets
and sheets, in mint condition and Cancelled to Order (postmarked), a First Day Cover, an envelope featuring all the stamps postmarked with the first day of issue, and a Presentation Pack, which includes not only the stamps in mint condition, but also a four-sided folder featuring more illustrations and information about the Island of Culture and these artworks.

The set also includes the Europa stamp for 2014, which is available on a special Europa sheet, as well as a unique Europa First Day Cover.

About The Artist

Juan Moore is an internationally respected artist whose work has been published in "The Guardian" newspaper, exhibited in London and New York and added to the Manx National Art Collection. In 2010 he masterminded "Welcome to the Neighborhood", a project to put art in public spaces in the Island. He also worked as a digital colorist on the Oscar-nominated film "Chico and Rita" as well as writing and directing the animated short "Evolution of Mann" for Manx National Heritage.

Commissioned to design this celebration issue, Juan has produced works which not only pay tribute to the Island's cultural diversity, but are also lovely artworks to own.

Who better than the artist himself to explain the spectacular designs?

Juan said: "My work has been described as whimsical and I guess that's the starting point from most of it. Each piece is based on a thought, idea or even a feeling, sometimes it can be funny, other times it can be sad, not everything within us is happy so I try and portray the whole spectrum of feelings."

"The real challenge for me is to get down on paper what's in my head. It is also important to me that my work is not only thought-provoking, but that it is accessible to everyone, one of the aims of my work is for it to be as understood by not only those from an art background but for someone who knows nothing about it."


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