Israel’s Automotive Industry honored with new stamp issues

November 25th, 2014

According to info received by Israel Post is ready to release a special stamp issue on theme "Israel's Automotive Industry". The issue consists of four stamps that are scheduled to be put into circulation on the 16th of December.

The automotive industry in Israel, both before and after the establishment of the State, consisted of a number of workshops and factories, most of which did not remain in operation for more than two decades. Most of these assembled automobiles from parts and pieces that originated overseas. Only two plants (Autocars and Ramta) designed and constructed cars independently.

In total, there were four factories that either assembled or constructed passenger cars for private use: Palestine Motors Company (1936); Kaiser-Frazer of Israel – later Kaiser Ilin, E. Ilin (1951-1971); Mosachim U'Mechonot (Garages and Cars) – later Autocars, Rom Carmel (1952-1981); Nazareth Illit Automotive Industries (AIL), the only company still in existence (1966 – the present).

Along with these, a number of plants manufactured and continue to manufacture trucks, buses and designated vehicles, notably: Leyland Ashdod, Haargaz Transportation, Merkavim Transportation Technologies, Plasson Ltd. And Ramta.

Israel's automotive industry developed in the 1950's with the help of subsidies and tax concessions provided by the government of Israel, blossomed in the 1960's and declined in the 1970's and 1980's. Export attempts failed and it became apparent that importing automobiles was more profitable for the small Israeli market, with the exception of designated vehicles.

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