Israel’s International Year of Light stamp wins top design award! Latest philatelic news to your attention!

January 6th, 2017 hurries to let our readers know that Israel’s International Year of Light stamp recently received the Nexofil award for the most beautiful stamp of 2015.This 11.80-shekel stamp was issued Feb 2015 that commemorated both the International Year of Light and the 2013 Nobel Prize in chemistry.
The winners were determined by an international jury comprised of philatelists from more than 20 countries. The awards were presented Oct 2016 in Spain and reported in the November issue of 'El Eco Filatelico y Numismatico', a Spanish philatelic and numismatic magazine published by the Nexo Group in Madrid.

According to information from the Israel Philatelic Service, the stamp design represents the Schrodinger equation on the left and the protein rhodopsin on the right. Shown on the attached tab, or label, are the emblem of the International Year of Light and representation of rods and cones, two types of light-sensitive cells in the human retina.

A Swedish Ingrid Bergman stamp was the runner-up, and a Croatian stamp placed third.

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