Issue of Label stamp "Lunar Year of the Horse" by Macao post

February 14th, 2014

Following the first issue of the label stamp of Chinese Zodiac "Lunar Year of the Snake" issued last year, Macao Post will release the second issue of label stamp series of Chinese Zodiac with the stamp theme "Lunar Year of the Horse" on 14th February, 2014, the printing quantity is 750,000 label stamps. The stamp designer of this issue is Ms. Anita, Fung Pou Chu.

In historical records and literature works in China, there are a lot of famous horse characters. King Mu of Zhou traveled to Kunlun Mountain with eight steeds, taking up the wine cup and chatting merrily with Queen Mother of the West (Xiwangmu). Some of the most popular Kings and generals in the history of ancient China, as Xiangyu, Liubei, Guanyu, Li Shimin, had faithful and valiant horses who helped them in major battles and military conflicts. Du Fu, a famous poet of the Tang Dynasty, described in a poem beauty, courage and vigorous movement of a horse, praising it and comparing it to a man of high moral qualities and bravery and confidence as only the horse can deposit.

Li He wrote 23 Horse Poems, chanting many famous horses in the history and expressing his emotion of frustration for all his talent. Among the fine art works, the "Eight Steeds" by Giuseppe Castglione, an Italian missionary known as a painter of the Chinese imperial court during the Qing Dynasty, describes eight horses with different but vivid bearings, while the Running Horses of Xu Beihong reflects the hard-bitten character of Chinese nation with simple, natural and impressive strokes.

In Western tradition, horse also stands for many fine qualities. Horses stands for chivalries, including determination, loyalty, nobleness, pride and humility. The character of Unicorn, which is based on the figure of horse, often appears in all kinds of artworks, carrying a beautiful virgin for a walk in a tranquil forest under the moon. On the other hand, as a competition item for Olympics, equestrianism is also developing rapidly. It represents the perfect combination of the equestrian and the horse, both of whom are making efforts for the same goal and present the most touching dance in all Olympic events.