Itella Posti Oy issue: Winter Greetings from Snowman

January 17th, 2014

The award-winning Finnish illustrator Janne Harju has designed a stamp depicting two snowmen, which is well suited for a variety of winter greetings. The 1st class Snowmen postage stamp will be published in a handy 10-piece sticker sheet.  On the back side of the sheet, Janne Harju has brought the snowman theme to life with an illustrated snowman in a bar code.

This is how Janne Harju himself describes the feeling of the stamp, "The snowman and boy have spent a winter's day on the sledging hill and also made snow lanterns. In the dark of night slowly floating snowflakes sparkle in the air. The crisp snow frost bites the snowmen's cheeks, but there is warmth in the air as they stop to admire the clear winter evening sky for the first stars."

Tags: #Finland