Jay Leno Interviews USPS Postmaster General - VIDEO

April 9th, 2013

Jay Leno, being a passionate cars fan, was impressed to find on new U.S. stamps not another "tree" or "former president", but a collection of iconic muscle cars of 60s.

U.S. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe explained that actually it was the third stamp set featuring cars. The first one was dedicated to the Sporty cars of 50s and the second one - to Fins of 50s. However the current Muscle Cars set of 5 stamps became the most popular so far with 20 million stamp sheets issued all over the country.

The stamps designer Tom Fritz, who used to create several Harley calendars, spent about a month on the painting of 5 stamps 11x18 inches each. By the way, the cars to be featured on stamps were picked by a group of people choosing among different variants of muscle cars from 60s.

To reassure all the fans of cars, it wasn't the last stamp issue by U.S. post dedicated to cars. In the nearest feature a set featuring trucks can appear on new American stamps, as Patrick Donahoe promised in the interview.


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