July 7th, 2018

Jersey Post offers a new set of stamps on the First World War. Six poignant commemorative stamps released


Jersey Post offers a new perspective on the First World War with a poignant stamp issue of six commemorative stamps that honor Jersey servicemen and women involved in this war conflict. The stamp issue, entitled Armistice and Remembrance, features original wartime photographs which have been restored and colourised by acclaimed Russian historical colourist, Olga Shirnina to fondly remember and offer a new perspective on those who took part. FindYourStampsValue.com also offers our readers to take a look at other stamps dedicated to the First World War.

As with every other part of the British Isles, Jersey's men and women became involved in the devastating conflict of 1914-1918. Drawn from a variety of backgrounds, some were awarded for extreme gallantry, some perished in the conflict, and others survived with tales to tell…This issue features six of those involved. The original black and white images featured on stamps were taken from the archives of La Société Jersiaise, the Jersey Museum. These images have been restored and colourised to feature their subjects in a contemporary light, offering a new perspective of this remarkable generation. The names and service of those featured are printed on the stamps.

Chris Elligott, Philatelic Artwork and Production Manager explains: "The Great War brought together men and women from a variety of backgrounds and it was important for us to show this when selecting the images for the stamps and Miniature Sheet. We didn’t just want to commemorate those who had been decorated, but also those ordinary men and women with extraordinary back stories. Restoring the photographs was a meticulous process. We spent a lot of time researching the details, from the colours and materials of the uniforms and the badges right down to the subjects’ eye and hair colours which we found through historical references and with the help of family members.


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