Joint stamp issue of Slovenia and Liechtenstein was revealed

August 24th, 2015 got to know that Slovenia and Lichtenstein Post are ready to issue new stamps that focus on the Alps as a habitat. The two stamps show the Malbuntal in Liechtenstein and the Velika Planina plateau in Slovenia and were both printed on an 8-stamp sheetlet. The items are scheduled to be put on sale on the 3d of September.

With its well-preserved herders' dwellings, the Velika Planina, which is located a good hour's drive by car northwards from the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, is a popular tourist attraction. Ever since prehistoric times, the plateau has been used by sheepherders over the summer months. The typical huts depicted on the stamp are spread over the mountain pasture in the form of dispersed settlements. The oldest among them have an oval layout.

The kitchen, where cheese is made now as before, is always situated in the middle. In Malbuntal the alpine meadows and mountain pastures are also still used for agriculture. But the Alps have long since been discovered by holiday makers even here.

Nature lovers, hikers and winter sports enthusiasts enjoy spending their free time in the picturesque mountain area of Liechtenstein.