Latest auction news: Chinese 4c red revenue stamp to make US$36,000 at Spink Auction

October 4th, 2016 hurries to share the latest auction news with our readers. This piece of info concerns a rare Chinese 1897 4c small surcharge red revenue stamp that is expected to make US$29,000-36,000 at Spink Hong Kong on October 15. This item has interesting history behind it. Let`s get acquainted with it in details.

In January 1896, Censor Chen Pi of the Qing government petitioned the Guangxu Emperor to issue revenue stamps. The proof was submitted to Sir Robert Hart, the Inspector General of Customs, for approval. Of the revenue stamps ordered from England, only a portion of the 3¢ stamps was printed and shipped to China. They were stored in the Shanghai Customs Department. The 3¢ red revenue stamps were printed by Waterlow & Sons in London. The red symbolizes good luck and fortune in Chinese tradition.

On March 20, 1896, the Qing government approved the plan to establish a national postal service, under the supervision of the Customs Department. At the inauguration of the postal service in February 1897, the Coiling Dragon stamps ordered from Japan failed to arrive on time, hence the idling 3¢ red revenue stamps were overprinted to meet demand. In such a way 4¢ overprinted denomination appeared.

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