Latvijas Pasts brings back personalized stamps by releasing a series of stamps dedicated to present-day Latvian aviation

February 28th, 2014

Latvijas Pasts brings back personalized stamp designs and releases a special series of the first stamps. The series includes three stamps associated with the development of the present-day aviation in Latvia and airBaltic's growth.

Aviation theme is presented on the stamps released by Latvijas Pasts for the first time.

Latvia is a transit, transport and logistics hub in the Baltic region, and aviation is the most modern and rapidly growing segment of this sector. Therefore, the three stamps depict the newest aircraft in the fleet of airBaltic, which is the region's largest and most innovative airline: Bombardier Q400 Next Gen, representing the company's newest turboprop fleet in Northern Europe and Bombardier Cseries 300, which airBaltic plans to put into service in late 2015.

Anyone interested in creating a personalized stamp of their own design may want to check out this interesting service offered by Latvijas Pasts. Depending on the denomination of the stamp, it will be suitable for mailing letters both within Latvia and to other countries of the world.

The renewed service for personalized stamp designs will incorporate new identification and security marks to be used from March 3, 2014. The marks, printed with a special color, will change depending on the lighting and provide a better protection against counterfeiting. The clients using the relaunched service will receive their personalized stamps within five working days of placing the order instead of two to four weeks, as was the case with the old service.

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