Latvijas Pasts issued stamp Latvija aizgrābj! dedicated to TV show TE!

May 6th, 2014

Latvijas Pasts and the production company VFS Films launched a unique stamp dedicated to the Latvian LTV show TE! (HERE!), which is all about rediscovering Latvia.

The stamp has been designed by Lasma Lagzdiņa who is also the author of the trademark of the show TE!. The new stamp features a stylized name of the show and its recognition symbol - the rake. The meaning behind this ancient tool is that Latvia captivates with its unique values, landscapes, people, their stories and actions, just like the rake "captivates" the leaves.

This is the first time that Latvijas Pasts has released a stamp dedicated to a TV show.

Arnis Salnajs, Chairman of the Board at Latvijas Pasts, notes: "The TV show TE! and Latvijas Pasts have a lot in common. Just like the show, Latvijas Pasts is exploring Latvia and prominent personalities of this country, as well as various events and cultural and historical attractions. Moreover, the information about these values depicted on the stamps is able to reach out to the entire world. Therefore, we have created this new stamp in close cooperation with the show TE!. This is yet another acknowledgment of the many values that Latvia can offer."
The TV show TE! has been rediscovering Latvia for four seasons now and calling on everyone to travel around this country.

"Latvia captivates. It offers a fantastic environment, places and people. It delivers unforgettable stories and colorful scenery, and it can also boast of all four seasons. It is no surprise to me that it took only two autumns and two springs for the TE! team to shake up the tourism scene in Latvia and rediscover many local treasures, as TE! sees this country through the rose-colored glasses. Now, thanks to Latvijas Pasts and those who still appreciate the handwritten letter, we can share our excitement with many more people and get them interested in discovering Latvia anew," says Uldis Cekulis, manager of VFS Films who are the makers of the TV show TE!.

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