Latvijas Pasts makes addition to Flowers series by releasing new stamp Tulip

March 8th, 2014

To welcome the approaching spring, Latvijas Pasts has released a new stamp depicting a tulip as part of the popular and eye-catching Flowers series. The new stamp Tulip has been designed by artist Lilija Dinere.

Tulips are plants belonging to the lily family. They got their name because of their shape: the word tulip is derived from the Persian word toliban meaning turban, a type of headdress. Tulip is a genus of about 100 species, of which only one species - the wild tulip - grows in the wild in Latvia.

Tulip is the fifth stamp in the Flowers series, which was launched in 2010 by Latvijas Pasts. The first release in the series was Peony, which was followed by RoseLily and Iris.

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