June 7th, 2015

Latvijas Pasts took part in the romantic postal station at the Sigulda Manor

FindYourStampsValue.com hurries to inform that the opening of the third season of the paper art workshop Victor’s Letters and the romantic postal station at the Sigulda Manor was held on the 22d of May. This workshop is a great chance for collectors to look at the most unusual philatelic items.

The Sigulda Manor postal station was opened at the paper art workshop Victor's Letters as a result of cooperation with Latvijas Pasts. It offers handcrafted letter paper, cards, envelopes and the special Victor's Letters stamp, which has been made through the dedicated website of Latvijas Pasts www.manapastmarka.lv, where anyone can create their own personalized stamp for mailing in Latvia, Europe or anywhere else in the world.

Latvijas Pasts has provided Victor's Letters postal station with a mailbox, greeting cards and informational brochures on how to put all the details on the mail item correctly. The postal station offers a chance for anyone to write a greeting with a feather quill pen and ink and send it out. Mail items with greetings from Sigulda can also be designed and sealed in a special way.

Throughout the season, visitors to the paper art workshop will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of exhibitions, whose message will be based on the postcard format, by casting the pictures of old photos, cards and drawings into the paper made at the workshop. This season will also see the creation of the story of Sigulda's history: various photos, serving as sources of information, will be cast into paper. The result will be the Sigulda People's History Book, which will be completed by the fall.

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