Lena Horne Honored by USPS. Newest Addition to Black Heritage Stamp Series released

February 3rd, 2018

FindYourStampsValue.com hurries to present to your attention a new stamp in the Black Heritage stamp series that is dedicated to a legendary entertainer and activist Lena Horne. This is the 41st stamp issue in the Black Heritage series that is devoted to some famous black activists.

The stamp art features a photograph taken by Christian Steiner in the 1980s. Kristen Monthei colorized the black-and-white photograph.

Lena Horne is well-known as one of America’s great interpreters of popular songs and as a trailblazer in Hollywood for women of color. She used her personal elegance, charisma, and fame to become an important spokesperson for civil rights. The combination of Horne’s disarming talent and fierce individuality created a powerful force in breaking down racial barriers in Hollywood and beyond.

Today, we honor the 70-year career of a true American legend,” said Deputy Postmaster General Ronald Stroman, who dedicated the stamp. “With this Forever stamp, the Postal Service celebrates a woman who used her platform as a renowned entertainer to become a prolific voice for civil rights advancement and gender equality.”
Horne’s daughter Gail Lumet Buckley believes her mother would be proud to be put alongside the other members of the USPS Black Heritage Stamp Series.