Lighthouses 2014 stamp series from Croatia

June 2nd, 2014

Hrvatska posta issued a set of three stamps from the "Lighthouses" series featuring Palagruža, Struga and Sušac lighthouses.

Palagruža: in the time when the lighthouse was built, in 1875, first archaeological remains were found suggesting that Palagruža was inhabited far back in the Neolithic. The building of the lighthouse lasted two years and about two hundred workers worked on it. The light of a range of 25 nautical miles was lit for the first time in 1876.

Struga: from its erection in 1839 the lighthouse is recognisable after its 20 metres high cylindrical tower. The light in the tower rotates at the height of 104 metres above sea level, and the lighthouse is one of the main orientation points when sailing on open seas in this part of the Adriatic.

Sušac: the lighthouse was built in 1878, on an elevation 80 metres above the sea level. The lighthouse building, a stone one-storied construction with the tower in the central part, is among the biggest in the Adriatic. From the east, the lighthouse is encircled by an old wall.