Lithuanian fresh cheese will travel around the world on postage stamps. 1 special stamp introduced by Lithuania Post

July 17th, 2017 is excited to let all philately enthusiasts know that Lithuanian Post has issued one more stamp from the series Culinary Heritage.

The item represents the country’s traditional cuisine and portrays fresh cheese which is particularly appreciated by foreign guests for its exceptional taste and unique production process.

“We are delighted that we are able to contribute to the preservation of authentic culinary heritage, the promotion of its popularity and the continuity of traditions. The national heritage is an integral part of the country’s image.

Every time that letters and parcels marked with the new postage stamp go on a symbolic culinary journey, they will present the exceptional product of Lithuania to the entire world,” maintains Rasa Kruopaitė-Lalienė, Head of the Corporate Affairs Department of Lietuvos Paštas.
The Lithuanian cuisine has been changing and formed under the influence of various historical circumstances, however, Lithuanian manor houses were well-known for their traditions of preparation of fresh cheese already in the Middle Ages.

The production process has remained almost unchanged to this day. Fresh cheese, which has been pressed according to the old Lithuanian traditions, is often seasoned with coarse salt, chopped garlic or caraway seeds. In 2013, the European Commission included fresh cheese into the list of protected products. It has become the third Lithuanian product to be protected in the European Union.