Little Tony as one of the most successful singers in Britain… 3 bright stamps released by San Marino Post

March 14th, 2016

Little Tony was an Italian-born Sammarinese pop singer and actor, who achieved success in Britain in the late 1950s and early 1960s. To commemorate this creative and bright personality San Marino prepared three stamps that amaze philately enthusiasts worldwide. invites our readers to access and appreciate this original stamp issue.

The rocker Little Tony was an Italian popular music icon in the 1960s, unforgettable for his hairstyle, his moves and his way of singing; his songs are still played today. Antonio Ciacci, the singer "Little Tony", who has died aged 72, was known as the "Italian Elvis" owing to his quiff, his flashy outfits and a vague physical resemblance to the Memphis "King".

In the souvenir sheet the three stamps represent two of his most famous songs: "Cuore matto" (1967) and "Riderà" (1966).