Long-awaited Olympic Games 2016 – Rio De Janeiro. Malta Post joins other Postal Services in celebrating Rio 2016 with 4 special stamps!

August 7th, 2016

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to introduce to our readers' attnetion one more stamp issue dedicated to the Olympic Games 2016. These are four bright stamps by MaltaPost entitled 'Olympic Games 2016 – Rio De Janeiro' that commemorate the commencement of this year's Olympic Game due to be held in Rio De Janeiro between the 5th and 21st of August 2016.

Over 10,000 athletes will participate in this year's Olympics. Malta will take part in four sport disciplines, namely shooting, swimming, athletics and weight lifting, and these are depicted on the four stamps issued for the occasion. Sean Cini of MaltaPost designed the stamps.

Shooting made its first appearance at the Athens 1886 Olympics, and women joined this sport during the Los Angeles 1984 Games. During Rio 2016, there will be 9 shooting events for men and 6 for women.

Swimming has also been in the Olympics since 1886. There are 15 events including both relay and individual. Swimming at the Olympics used to take place in open waters and the 1908 Olympic Games were the first to introduce pool competitions.

Weightlifting for men appeared for the first time at the Athens 1886 Olympic Games, while women joined the discipline at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. During such competitions, athletes can endure up to three times their weight, making this sport the utmost show of strength.

Athletics is one of the most traditional sports of the Olympic Games dating back to the ones held in Athens in 1886. Athletics offer more medals to be won than any other sport. During this year's Games, athletics will be held during the last ten days of the event.

Over 200 nations are expected to participate and during the Parade of Nations at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics opening ceremony, athletes and officials from each participating country will parade in the Maracanã Stadium preceded by their flag and placard bearer. Each flag bearer has been chosen either by the participating nation's National Olympic Committee or by the athletes themselves. In keeping with Olympic tradition, Greece will lead, while Brazil, the host nation, will bring up the rear.